December 21, 2021

Success tastes good for JCCA’s ‘Soup Supper and Sweets’ event

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

They say it takes a village and for the Johnson Corners Christian Academy, that is 100 percent correct. On Dec. 9, students and families of the private Christian academy came together to put on a ‘Soup Supper and Sweets’ Auction. And it was a hot success.
“We had an amazing turnout,” says Jodee Lawlar, parent-teacher fellowship president at the Johnson Corners Christian Academy. “The fundraising itself was amazing. We’re so grateful that people came and they got to experience it.”
Whether attendees purchased a sweet or something at the live auction, Lawlar says it was really just fun to witness  the community come out and show their support.
“It was just great. It filled up the Rough Rider Center’s fieldhouse really beautifully,” she says. “There was still room for people to enjoy the soups, silent auctions and the kids’ art.”
A couple years ago, Lawlar says the fundraiser was held in the Rough Rider Center’s reception room. That worked well for a while, but as the event continued to grow, they outgrew the space.

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