August 7, 2019

Sunday opening gets mixed reviews by local businesses

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

As of Thursday, Aug. 4, North Dakota shoppers will have the chance to go shopping on Sunday mornings as a result of the state legislature repealing the state’s Blue Laws.
After Rep. Shannon Roers Jones, R-Fargo, introduced legislation to repeal the law, it was signed by Gov. Doug Burgum after passing the House, 56-35, and the Senate, 25-21.
But while some large chain stores are welcoming the additional hours that stores can be open on Sundays, many small, family-owned stores feel just fine about keeping their business hours just as they are.
Josslyn Dodds of Barrett Pharmacy & Variety is a prime example of Watford City businesses keeping tradition and not veering away from their operating hours.
“Things are good the way they are here,” says Dodds.
But if something works, why change it? For Dodds personally, Sundays are reserved for family.
Other local stores on Watford City’s Main Street, such as Debbie Larsen of Larsen Service  Drug say the feeling is mutual.
However, both see how it could potentially be beneficial for other commercialized businesses and chain stores.

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